The Gracie Diet saved my life

I spent a lot time of my life given to poor nutrition, bad habits like drinking alcoholic beverages, feeding me in the wrong times with wrong things, bad food, with a sedentary lifestyle…
Boom! I gained weight. A lot of weight! And how it hurt to see your biggest weight in the bathroom scale… It hurt even more when we have to agree with your husband that we are with a deformed body. Reality shock that I needed at that time.

At 27 and 226.6 pounds, I was ruining my health gradually.
Happy hours with friends, Fridays and more fridas yeating extremely bad things in these times that we be
happy with our friends.

At home, it was just ‘easy’ food to prepare. Always frozen and fast food were in my menu.
Lots of frying, too much fat, too much sugar led me to put a stop to that situation.
One day, ( January 3, 2012 ) I climbed into a bathroom scale and I cried.
How is that a person of 27 years, 1,59 m tall let this happen? Easy, and I’ll tell you.
There was an acquired bad habits at the time I was in college for long ago. the rush left me thinking about wanting things faster like
” Oh, but I do not have time to eat right” or “Oh, it’s what we’ve got today when I graduate I ‘ll take the reins.”
And so were the almost three years of my studies. Eating at the wrong time, wrong things, just let the time and these
bad habits take care of me. Could not get any physical activity. Every excuse was valid to content myself
with my bad health condition and do nothing for myself.
My knee problems were excuses. My pain backs were excuses. The rain was an excuse. The cold was an excuse too,
the tv shows too, and so was boycotting me several years, until the fateful day I decided to wake up.

After realizing 226.6 pounds, I decided that I needed to do something for me.
Not only for aesthetics, but I was myself boycotting, was hiding behind a disease, behind excuses.
I was killing myself.

I began by researching their own nutritional education on the internet and so gradually I changed my diet.
I always hated gym, always! Just the idea of getting fighting for space with other people at gym made me feel bad and want to stay in my bed the rest of the day.
But the first step I had taken. Change the power.
For 6 months feeding me best was time to ward off laziness of the body. But how if I hated gym?
As a teenager, I was inserted into the middle of martial arts, Judo athlete went for almost two years, blue belt and the idea of perhaps
do something different like martial arts, like boxing maybe, began to give color to the plans to change my life.
Six months after the start of nutritional education were already on their own effect on the body and then I came across the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Then I began to take classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with my husband in June 2012. Using kimono numbering A4 ( usually for
people over 198 pounds) I gave the way that would change my life forever.
I arrived at the gym with exactly 198 pounds with hope.
Three months later, in September 2012, I met searching the internet about diets associated with martial arts athletes
the Gracie Diet, nutrition education created by Carlos Gracie almost 70 years ago.
So on its own, without help , I decided study this diet and to dive into the world of family that for generations has been training champions with philosophy’s life, diet,
sport and legacy that no other Brazilian family managed to leave to Brazilian world sport today.

Well, what I meant to post this debut is that, a year and a half after changed my health situation,
I have radically changed my eating habits and sedentary lifestyles, now my weight is 52.8 pounds less of the time in which I started training Jiu – Jitsu.
So many lessons I’ve been learned this year. And would like to share them here with you and perhaps help people like me, or to have already lost hope of changing their lives with healthy eating and playing sports.
Welcome to my blog Gracie Diet is Easy.
Kisses and until the next post!
Thank you so much Gracie Family, in especially to me Great Master Rorion Gracie.


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